It is important, when we bring our sins into the open before God, not to stop there, but to go on to adopt a right attitude towards both God and the sin itself.  

First, we confess the sin, humbling ourselves with a contrite heart before God.  

Secondly, we forsake it, rejecting and repudiating it. This is a vital part of what is meant by ‘mortification’ in the New Testament. It is taking up towards sin an attitude of resolute antagonism.

The uncovering of sin is in itself of little value; it must lead us to an attitude both of humility towards God and of hostility towards sin.

‘Ye that love the Lord hate evil’, or ‘the Lord loves those who hate evil’ (Ps. 97: 1 0, AV and RSV); and it is this holy hatred of evil which is promoted by the faithful, systematic uncovering and confession of our sins.
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