Selamat pagi sahabatku 

Salvation is a big and comprehensive word. It embraces the totality of God’s saving work, from beginning to end.

In fact salvation has three tenses, past, present and future. I am myself always grateful to the good man who led me to Christ over forty years ago that he taught me, raw and brash young convert that I was, to keep saying:

# I have been saved (in the past) from the penalty of sin by a crucified Saviour.  

# I am being saved (in the present) from the power of sin by a living Saviour.  

# And I shall be saved (in the future) from the very presence of sin by a coming Saviour’…  

If therefore you were to ask me, ‘Are you saved?’ there is only one correct biblical answer which I could give you: ‘YES and NO.’

YES, in the sense that by the sheer grace and mercy of God through the death of Jesus Christ my Saviour He has forgiven my sins, justified me and reconciled me to Himself.  

But NO, in the sense that I still have a fallen nature and live in a fallen world and have a corruptible body, and I am longing for my salvation to be brought to its triumphant completion.
Have a blessed day (y)