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Self-salvation is impossible.  
We know that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour (because He alone has the necessary qualifications, as we have seen), and that salvation is by God’s grace alone, on the ground of Christ’s cross alone, by faith alone. What we do not know, however, is exactly how much knowledge and understanding of the gospel people need before they can cry to God for mercy and be saved.  

In the Old Testament, people were certainly ‘justified by grace through faith’, even though they had little knowledge or expectation of Christ. Perhaps there are others today in a somewhat similar position. They know they are sinful and guilty before God, and that they cannot do anything to win His favour, so in self-despair they call upon the God they dimly perceive to save them. If God does save such, as many evangelical Christians tentatively believe, their salvation is still only by grace, only through Christ, only by faith.
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